Fashion is driven by the eternal quest for beauty. The human desire for self-adornment, to search and gradually find our own style is also the driving force of fashion.

Fashion derives from creativity, its class comes from handcrafted perfection. FALKE is committed to developing stylish fashion of the highest quality for modern people while aspiring for perfection

Quality for quality's sake!

The main maxim of the FALKE quality culture

This calls for a sensitive and forward-looking approach to current trends, and the courage to shape the zeitgeist. In other words, to be different. But none of this would be possible without a culture of quality.

The main maxim of the FALKE quality culture is: Quality for quality's sake! Each and every detail deserves to be perfected with expertise and passion. We have been working passionately to achieve this – day after day, for more than 100 years.

with feeling

IN FINEST detail

There is no substitute for human care. Our machinery and technology help finesse our design innovation, but every knitted design element passes through dozens of pairs of hands, for checking. The human eye feels as much as it sees. This is the lore of handwerk.

From Beast to Beauty

The art of yarn selection. It’s the first and most crucial step in making beautiful FALKE products. Even the simplest of designs involve a melding of several yarns in their construction, each contributing to design engineering, comfort, tactility, function and a fit that feels as exquisite as it looks.

We source from the world’s premium yarn suppliers, bringing home only the best and the most beautiful. To the delight of our product designers - and ultimately, of course, our customers.

FALKE - Quality with passion